Sunday, December 27, 2009

i'm here once again, probably the last time for this year, to sum up my 2008.
initally i don't intend to come back here again to blog. cos i got nothing much to blog, life's pretty boring now after poly honestly. well, i'm studying once again. school this time round is not as fun as dcmd. seriously i think i need to kick off this habit of keep thinking and comparing with dcmd whenever i am in class, i will compare it with hive and dcmd. but as what shermin ong or whoever had said, this is the best batch ever, so nothing can be better than this. so no point comparing. yesterday toGather was awesome and as usual i am the quieter one. but i certainly enjoyed it. i miss shermin ong's funny nonsense and i kind of miss her when she never disturb me. i also miss hearing yinzhen's qu si la and the wtf and yesterday i heard it all. i also miss apb, who is still funny and entertaining and love posing for photographs. hope to see you all again during the next gathering. <3
i was scrolling down my blog, and i saw these photos. we spent our last day of 2008 in botanical gardens sort of counting down to new year. so nice (:
i think we always have our picnic and gathering at botanical gardens. maybe we can have our next gathering back at there too. but one thing is that, there's too many trees, we can't fly kites.

ok i type so much but i haven sum up anything yet. so here it goes:
most significant event for my 2008 is of cos the gradshow of the year: Birth 09 at marina sq 13-15 march 2009. even till now, i can remember the dates. then after that, we got no more school, we still keep meeting up now and then. for birthdays etc. and in april, is my birthday, and you guys plan a gathering for me. i was really happy and touched. really. i will always remember that day. (:

in july, i stepped back into secondary school, this time, as a relief teacher. it was not easy but it was fun. i was there for a term and i kind of miss my students when i left. and here, is what i am doing now. studying early childhood. we need to do many powerpoint slides and presentations and i think i spent more time designing the slides and layouts than the contents which is a bad thing. cos i cant stand bad design. :X my favorite font is times new roman, and theirs is comic sans. but i think i just need to adapt bah. not sure if it's my cup of tea yet, but we will see how it goes. just one thing to share, there's an assignment i need to do a health and hygiene booklet, i went back to simple digital to print and this time i brought a coursemate to along. the lady in simple digital actually remember me! she remembered me and another girl (shermin ong) came down to paste our gradshow posters on their walls. lol. shermin she remembers you too! anyway, back to simple digital, i was like pro ah, i told the lady i want saddle stitch printing, double sided, don't want print to fit, 260gsm paper. then my coursemate like stared at me blankly. LOL

okay i shall stop ranting. that pretty sum up my 2008. pretty pathetic i know. and i wonder if anyone reading this since my blog is like stagnant since september. happy new year all (:

Monday, September 7, 2009

recently, we bought an oven.
we tried baking a new flavour - curry and almonds cookie. as those two are our father's favourite food.
however, as you can see, the first try isn't very successful.
today, we tried again. the hearts are all hand-shaped by me okay.
woohoo! <3
happy birthday daddy! :D

Sunday, September 6, 2009

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pattern more than badminton

Monday, July 20, 2009

i happened to find my secondary two journal and i was laughing at what i had written inside. and of course there are some secrets too. hehe

i decided to blog today. so what nonsense have i been doing for the past weeks. charm and imelda and rachel flew off to melborne. i didn't get to see rachel before she flew off because i didnt go to the 4e2 bbq. that's a little sad for me. cos this time round, got more of my cliques from 4e2 are going to the bbq. i went to the last year's one where there's no one in my clique were there so i felt awkward. this yr my cliques are finally going but i am unable to go because yah. h1n1. my dad is being absolutely paranoid about that issue so he don't allow me to go to crowded places. and yes, i didnt tell my dad i was going to changi airport to send imelda off cos if i tell him, he confirm plus chop won't allow me to go to the airport one. so yeah, back to the bbq, sorry my friends. but heard from darren that there will be another 4e2 dinner. i will definitely be going for that. (:

oh yes and i have been relief teaching for two and a half weeks in a secondary school. what can i say. the students are very noisy and yes naughty. you shout at them to keep quiet, they will shout back to you ask u to keep quiet first. so it's never ending. some classes they keep playing psp and cards and they thought i never see. you think i blind ah. i was once a student ok. six yrs ago i was seating at the student's seat doing what you are doing now. and there's this particular class i must mention. it's the most nonsense but also the funniest class, especially the boys. very playful and noisy like to joke around. but they were very funny and always make me laugh. they played badminton in class too. even though i told them not to. so in the end they got to go for detention cos i think someone sabo them or what. then during the dentention the teacher-in-charge asked them who is the damn teacher who allows them to play badminton in class. lol. but they say they were good enough not to tell on me. and also, they don't know what's my name or how to address me in the first place too. But still i still love my students even though i only relief them for two and a half week. anyway, i'm currently jobless again. relief teaching is fun but after all, it's still not the same as being a REAL teacher. and i was actually having thoughts of going to MOE/NIE to study and become a teacher major in arts or music. degree for fours years, bonded with MOE for another four years. by the time i come out, i old liao. so so so what should i do. btw happy 1st birthday to my blog. (:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is what i call 去朋友家玩.


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happy fathers' day, daddy.

Saturday, June 20, 2009